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Passionate about helping others to improve their quality of life through a healthy body.



Pre & post-surgery conditions
Joint pain and muscle dysfunction
Muscle/Ligament/Tendon tears and injuries
Acute and Chronic Pain


Neck and Back Pain
Headaches & TMJ
Radiculopathies (referred pain down upper
& lower limbs)

Sports Injuries

I have worked with a wide range of athletes
from weekend warriors to Professionals,
from trauma and overuse injuries to
biomechanical pain.

Hello! I’m Chandelle


I run my own private practice in Hayfields. I’ve been in private practice for 10 years in various settings and have a special interest in sports and orthopaedics. The bulk of my work in orthopaedics revolves around spinal pain, in which I specialise in neck pain and headaches.

I live and work by my values, depicted in my logo: Strength, Passion, Healing, and Fitness.

Not just an experienced physiotherapist but also a fully qualified Lyno practitioner…

The Lyno Method

The Lyno Method is a non-therapeutic body of knowledge providing a system to identify movement patterns, to restore optimum mobility and support a balanced, flexible and fully functional body.

Our clients who love Lyno come from all walks of life and all ages. Mostly, their complaint is a loss of flexibility or movement, aches and pains with no apparent solution and a general feeling of weakness. Athletes use Lyno to unlock dysfunctional patterns that create recurring sports injuries and/or lack of progress in their training. The elderly look to Lyno to restore and maintain mobility and function.

Watch the video or visit to find out more.

COVID-19 Physio Session Adjustments

Please be aware of our changes to our daily physio routine. These changes have been made to protect yourself and us, but also to all of our families and people we come into contact with. Please be aware that we do treat many people who may be deemed high risk, or live with high risk individuals, and we take very seriously our responsibility to limit the spread of the disease.

Click here to see our protocols

The following changes will be strictly adhered to at all times:

  • Physio staff will be working in shifts and patients will be booked to ensure only one patient in the practice at any one time; sessions will be booked accordingly. If you need to see a particular practitioner for a specialist therapy, then please request this when booking. Please be advised that only one parent/ carer will be allowed in the rooms with a patient in the case of a minor/ patient requiring assistance

  • All clients are required to fill in an indemnity before treatment sessions – We have the right to decline treatment sessions if we suspect you may be at risk for carrying COVID-19. If you have any concerns for your treatment session, kindly call us beforehand to discuss these. As far as possible, this form will be sent to you digitally for completion.

  • If you are not feeling well, kindly postpone your appointment for when you feel better. We are not only concerned about Coronavirus, but also the potential spread of germs which may place a highrisk patient in danger. The physio staff will similarly not be working should we feel unwell.

  • All clients will be asked to wash their hands upon entry to the practice. Washing and sanitation notices and stations have been set up in the practice. Please do not wear gloves onto the premises.

  • All clients are required to wear a mask to treatment sessions and during the session. No exceptions will be made.

  • All clients to bring in two of their own towels to their session. In the interest of safety, we have temporarily discarded linen and all surfaces will be disinfected. You are welcome to bring your own pillow if you wish.

  • Physios will be treating patients with face masks and, if absolutely necessary, gloves. Please remember that we work in a small space, in direct contact with you and we touch everything. We have hospital grade medical waste removal facilities for our gloves etc, so we have ensured that germs cannot be spread.

  • All surfaces will be disinfected between clients. For this reason, sessions will be a maximum of 45 minutes so that we have 15 minutes between clients to clean off all surfaces including beds, chairs and door handles. The entire practice will be disinfected at the end of the day.

  • Please ensure that you only touch what you absolutely need to. Please arrive timeously for your appointment. Clients are asked to remain in their cars in the parking area until the practitioner calls you in for your session.

  • If you are a new client and can fill in your forms electronically beforehand, please let us know so we can arrange this. This saves time, but more importantly less potential for spread of germs.

  • Payments during this time will only be EFT or through medical aid submissions. If you have a particular challenge then please chat to us and we can help with a solution

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